Quality, Environment and Safety Policy

Mota® Ceramic Solutions’ Quality, Environment and Safety Policy is in line with the company’s sustainable development strategy, considers all the relevant concerned parts parts and promotes the compromise with the Management System on all levels of the organization.

Governing Principles:

Satisfying the Customers’ Needs

Researching, developing and providing products with high quality levels and technical assistance services, to increase customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty to the company.  

Valuing People

Supporting our employees’ competence growth to promote their own satisfaction, involvement, team spirit and sense of responsibility in the performance of their duties. 

Involving Suppliers

Fomenting partnerships with suppliers, encouraging them to fulfill the requirements and needs of our organization.

Respecting the Environment

Promoting the environment’s protection, including pollution prevention, through environmental impact management and adoption of the best available techniques, whenever possible.

Raise awareness to the best sustainable practices by promoting a good environmental performance in our plants and surroundings.

Promoting Workplace Safety and Health

Preventing injuries and afflictions to the employees by identifying and managing workplace hazards.

Providing the best health and safety working conditions for the employees through the reduction of workplace threats.

Ensuring the Continual Improvement of the Management System

Providing resources and conditions for the continuous improvement of the implemented management system and its performance.

Ensuring the Fulfilment of the Applicable Requirements

Fulfilling the applicable legislation in the areas of Quality, Environment and Workplace Safety and Security, as well as applicable norms, other regulations and subscribed agreements.

The Quality, Environment and Safety Policy is made available to all concerned parts.