Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is, for sure, an issue of great importance to be taken into account by companies.
And for the MCS® Group this is not an exception.
We believe that companies, on a voluntary basis, can develop certain projects, with the purpose of including in their organizations some social measures that can follow the path of their activities and strategies.
At the same time, we also try to implement and transmit a set of values inside our work environment, to count with the involvement and cooperation of all our employees in the development of these projects.


This Christmas, let’s try to help those who need it the most…
This year the thoughts of MOTA CERAMIC SOLUTIONS® Group were especially reflected in cases of children and adults with diseases associated with neurodevelopmental disorders and also to some families in need living in a locality near of one of our industrial facilities.
It was with great pleasure that we met the requests of the Association of Cerebral Palsy of Coimbra, the Association of Parents and Friends of Habilitar and Social Action Group of São Vicente de Pereira.

At the same time, there was an internal campaign involving the participation of our employees in the collection of plastic caps, metal caps and cork stoppers that were delivered to Bárbara Step by Step, an 8 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy who receives these materials to later deliver them to recycling companies that exchange these materials for specialized treatments for her condition.
For more information on these entities, please visit:

Association of Cerebral Palsy of Coimbra

Association of Parents and Friends of Habilitar

Social Action Group of São Vicente de Pereira

Bárbara Step by Step


Christmas is … love, joy, happiness, peace, generosity… Christmas is … family!

This year MOTA CERAMIC SOLUTIONS® decided to share these values with some Portuguese children and families in need.

Instead of the usual Christmas gifts we gladly offer to clients, we have made a donation to KASTELO and NOMEIODONADA Association to give the children and their families a better Christmas.

KASTELO is the only palliative care institution for children in the Iberian Peninsula and the NOMEIODONADA Association supports more than 200 families that have children with special needs.

Together with this donation, the MCS®  Group employees also joined in this noble cause carrying out an internal campaign to collect non-perishable food, clothes, diapers and toys that were delivered to KASTELO and NOMEIODONADA Association.

For further information about KASTELO please visit