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Mota Ceramic Solutions provides Raw Materials and Ceramic Bodies to all the áreas of the Ceramics sector. The rigour in both the selection of our resources and their processing are the keys to achieving the quality levels that the market recognizes us for, but Mota’s reputation couldn’t have been built without proximity to the client.



The exploration of Specialized Clays by Mota Ceramic Solutions dates back to 1950. Throughout the years, the Group has contributed to the growth and evolution of the Portuguese Ceramics, thanks to the quality of its deposits and the number of production plants. This way, Mota Ceramic Solutions offers not only a variety of clays for Wall and Floor Tiles, Tableware and Porcelain, but also specially treated Refined Clays for the Sanitaryware, Engobes and Specialized Uses areas.



Mota Ceramic Solutions provides Kaolins for all of its ceramics applications, thanks to the versatility and technology of its washing, sorting and drying units. The proximity of those units to the deposits and, simultaneously, to maritime ports allows for a constant supply of material and very favourable expedition terms. Among other uses, Mota Group supplies Kaolins for Sanitaryware, Hard & Soft Porcelain, Glazes, Engobes and Tiles.



Feldspars and Quartz are two of the main raw materials provided by Mota Ceramic Solutions, with over 25 sites of exploration, ensuring a strong supply, both currently and in the future. The entire process of extraction and processing of the Feldspar and Quartz is carried out by state-of-the-art technology, making the product readily available. Besides Quartz and several Sodium-Potash Feldspars, Mota Ceramic Solutions offers unique grades of Lithium Feldspars.



The production of Ceramic Ready-Made Bodies is the best display for Mota Ceramic Solutions’ capabilities. Being pioneers in Portugal in the production of fine white earthenware bodies, we have, throughout our considerable experience, developed solutions for all Ceramics sector. White Stoneware, Soft and Hard Porcelain, Sanitaryware, Electrical Insulators and Technical Porcelain are some of the areas for which we provide, alongside Floor, Roof and Wall Tiles. This scope and the quality that is our trademark make the company one of the largest suppliers of Ceramic Ready-Made Bodies in Europe.


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