Floor & Wall Tiles


Mota Ceramic Solutions pioneered and has long lead the supply of Spray-Dried Ready-Made Bodies for the ceramic tiles sector in Portugal.

Complementarily, the company provides raw-materials such as Clays, Kaolins, Feldspars and Silica Sands, allowing for the formulation of balanced compositions of white bodies to best fit manufacturing of floor and wall tiles by extrusion or powder-pressing.


Fine White Stoneware floor tiles, the most sophisticated product, require excellent mechanical and surface characteristics. Such bodies produced from high quality raw materials are capable of guaranteeing high mechanical resistance and extremely low water absorption values. They are chosen for areas with demanding climatic environments and intensive wear and for external and internal wall covers of high quality.

Unglazed and glazed Vitrified Stoneware floor tiles also have good technical properties and aesthetic appeal for many applications often at lower cost.

Porous Ceramic Wall Tiles produced by single or double firing techniques are especially useful for internal wall covers with a wide variety of surface designs.

The traditional Portuguese wall tile, “Azulejo”, illustrates the long tradition of tile production in Portugal and emphasizes the use of national raw materials in ceramic production for many centuries.

Mota Ceramic Solutions offers raw materials of high quality especially prepared for the individual requirements of each market sector and guarantees strong and steady supplies of raw materials for the national market.

For Roof Tiles, Mota Group provides single raw materials such as Clays, Kaolins, Fine Silica Sand and Micronized Feldspars. Complete formulations – blended and homogenized – are available for the production of light colored high performing roof tiles.