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Mota Ceramic Solutions offers special products for fine Earthenware and Stoneware.
Earthenware is a ceramic material used for pottery tableware and decorative objects. Earthenware is biscuit – fired at temperatures of 1.000 – 1.150ºC and glost – fired at about 950ºC to 1.050ºC. After firing the body is porous and opaque with colors ranging from white to red depending on the raw materials used.

Stoneware bodies are used where applications demand low porosity, elevated mechanical strength and thermal shock resistance.

Products may include table and cooking ware as well as ornamental ceramics.

Mota Ceramic Solutions offers a complete range of products for the production of earthenware and stoneware bodies for decorative and tableware.

On top of single components – Feldspars, Kaolins and Clays – Mota Group offers a very wide and complete range of Ready-Made Bodies available in slip form, filter-pressed, extruded or spray-dried highlighting the company as one of the largest global players in the supply of ready-made ceramic bodies for earthenware, stoneware and porcelains.