Mota Ceramic Solutions has been a partner of the ceramics world in the supply of raw materials for more than 60 years.


1950 – Foundation of Adelino Duarte da Mota, S.A.



Adelino Duarte da Mota, S.A. (ADM) was one of the first companies in Portugal dedicated to the extraction and transformation of raw materials for the ceramics industry. Located in Meirinhas (Pombal), in Portugal’s Central Zone, ADM has, from early days, taken on the mission of playing a central role in the development and success of the portuguese ceramics industry.


1967 – Foundation of Felmica, Minerais Industriais, S.A.




With over four decades of activity Felmica, Minerais Industriais, S.A. is strongly vocationed for the extractive process, currently owning exploration rights for over twenty five quartz and feldspar mining concessions.

The quantity and diversity of the quartzofeldspathic deposits and the versatility of the transformation unit, located in Mangualde, allow for the preparation of feldspathic compounds with physical-chemical properties that suit a wide range of industrial conditions.


1987 – Foundation of MOTA Pastas Cerâmicas, S.A.




The start of oldest production unit of MOTA – Pastas Cerâmicas, S.A.’s activity dates back to 1987, in Caldas da Rainha. Pioneers in Portugal in the production and commerce of ready-made ceramic bodies for faience, the company has, in recent years, widened its production to  bodies for sanitary ware, stoneware, electro-porcelain and fine porcelain. Located in Vagos, Aveiro, and with an annual production capacity of 90.000 tons, MOTA – Pastas Cerâmicas employs both cutting-edge technology and processes in all its production units.



ADM builds the country’s first Atomization Unit, specialized in the production of ceramic atomized powders.


2003 – Foundation of MOTA Mineral, Minerais Industriais, S.A.




MOTA Mineral, Minerais Industriais, S.A. specializes in the extraction of clays and kaolins. Constituted in 2003 as the result of the fusion between the companies Vialpo– Soc. Expl. Mineiras, Comercio e Industria, S.A, Somical—Soc. Mineira de Caulinos, Lda e Alvarães Extracção de Inertes, Lda.

MOTA Mineral has its headquarters in the Alvarães unit, possessing two more production centers: the S. Vicente Pereira unit, located in Ovar, and the West unit, in Óbidos.


2007 – Foundation of MOTA Soluções Cerâmicas, S.A.




Built in 2000 and located in Oiã, Aveiro, the factory that houses MOTA Soluções Cerâmicas, S.A., also designated as MOTA II, was acquired in 2007, joining the MOTA® Ceramic Solutions universe.

This production unit, equipped with advanced technology and a high automation level, allows for the production of atomized bodies for fine stoneware, hard and soft porcelain, technical porcelain bodies and specially-treated clays for the sanitary ware and engobes, keeping up with the latest innovations in ceramics production, such as the high-pressure filling and the isostatic pressing.


2014 – Foundation of Motalog, S.A.




Motalog, S.A. was created with the goal of managing the MOTA® Ceramic Solutions truck fleet.

Housed in the headquarters of ADMMotalog is responsible for the road logistics of the entire group, coordinating more than 60 vehicles daily, whether in the intra-group raw materials exchanges, direct deliveries to clients or transporting cargo destined for international clients to sea ports.